Great Ideas Deserve a Helping Hand

I have just been reading this morning about two companies on Tech Crunch, The first one last year won the Tech Crunch awards for best start up. The company in question is called Mint their website is about managing your finances and they do it very well. According to the stats they are getting ten thousand new users signing up per day. If that figure is correct than they have truly made a mark.

So far they have received flurry of investment in the multi millions since winning the 50,000 dollar prize money from Tech Crunch.

The second company that has caught my imagination this morning is Drive Side, another great idea about taking the guess work out of getting your car repaired. They have set up a website where people can list work they have had done and how much they have paid for it. They can also build there own garages so users can see any work or modification they are doing to their car. Hats of boys, it is a great idea.