Hopes and Dreams

It’s not rocket science but this being double o day with the Olympics on the eighth and all, something different.

The root of this blog post is about what Churchill describe in the second world war when he visited his old school. He stood up said. “Never never never give up”. and than sat back down. These few words have reappeared through out history. You see them more recently in self help books by Paul Mc Kenna, or how to get rich by Naploean or in great sport to name but a few. Incredible simple words. But it is what distinguishes success from failure.

In another life time I was a musician. Extraordinarily passionate about music. I had some success and some failures. When my Son was born I decided it was time to do something else. Ten years later I remember hearing very similar music to what I had been making back then. It was then that I realised if I had pursued what I had already been doing for many years I too could have cashed in on what become very popular at that time.

I firmly believe that you can do anything, not everything though. When committed to one true desire mountains can move. There are more than enough example of this from Ghandi through to the fantastic array of modern entrepreneurs that are responsible for so many of the innovative products we see today. It starts with an idea.

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