How Big Are You?

How Big Are You? In comparison to your neighbour, friend. Now expand that a little bigger. I remember as a child wondering how big the universe is and just possible that we may be nothing more than a grain of sand. 30 years later it appears that they have a little bit more information as these pictures show.  You have click on them to get the full picture.

We are not really very big, The effect we have on each other may well be. Something a little different.

3 thoughts on “How Big Are You?”

  1. Putting things in perspective is helpful in most areas of life. I read a physics review recently that talked about the symmetry of life at the macro and micro level that was interesting.

    Good post

  2. That certainly puts things in perspective. Considering how small we are just in this galaxy, who can really assume that we are the only ones out there?

    ~ Kristi

  3. Your last statement is what I liked best. It can be related with the person we are, we may not be big/rich or famous but the things we do that helps the world is the important thing.

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