Internet Advertising Going Up

So to see this week, we have experienced a big local shift, what has already been common knowledge for sometime that internet advertising is growing. The local markets are all moving up a gear on the internet. The waters are still unclear on what is the best way to get your money’s worth online and making your website pay for its self.

Funnily enough there are no great surprises in how this work. While print media advertising has been very successful in the past. It is still basically one way business. The advertisers talking or demonstrating their wares. There is no business that can be one way towards their customers. Feedback is key to developing and launching a new product. Web 2.0 is about that, two way business. Work Connexions offers that community.

The internet will not replace relationships. Despite the success of social networking sites. A quality product produces quality results. If you can build up on line profile overnight than you may have to ask your self how much is that profile worth? I believe it is possible on Facebook to becoming Tony Blair’s friend. While that might make a good dinner party story. Can one take it seriously?