It is Good to Make Mistakes

Mistakes, we all make them, if you are making the same one more than once then maybe it is time to examine what you are doing. Fundamentally a mistake is not a bad thing. The risk of doing anything new is that you could fail. If you are not making any mistakes then you are not doing anything new….

Of course there are some mistakes that we regret making. In these cases we just have to be grown up about it and move on. But what if you could do something about it. How far would you go to correct something you know is wrong. A good sign of business is admitting that you have got it wrong and then making the changes. Is there a time limit on this? I do not think so.

Many of the high street banks are now having to correct mistakes made 6 years ago. If you discover that you have made a mistake, and still have the chance. Would you go back and change it?