Lawyers the cost of Business

Having been involved in several legal cases to recover sums of money. There are a couple things that are starting to become clear.

Unless the amount you are seeking is a large sum it is almost in all cases not viable to employ a lawyer.

So the only choice left is to represent yourself. Learn the relevant act and hope that providence is on your on side. Or is it?

While the very cheapest lawyers will cost more then £100 are they the only people that can provide this service.

Anyone who has represented themselves in court law will find it is a strange experience. You can have all the best intentions but if you do not have the facts at that moment in time it can cost you severely, especially if it is your first time or not had the chance to prepare.

I wonder if there is market for assistance, At the very least for correct presentation of the facts.

What do you think?

One thought on “Lawyers the cost of Business”

  1. Well, I suppose there is a market, but anybody who knows anything will charge to provide such a service, in which case most will opt for a lawyer.

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