Modern Politics from a Male Perspective

Balancing the many pressures that are involved with running a business is never going to be a simple task. On one side you want to be liberal and understanding to all those around you. On the other side the job needs to get done. Creating the right environment where all can flourish can be compared to modern politics. Whether expected or not the change has been significant, in the last month not least just in the UK, where the change of Prime Minister has raised more questions than one might expect. Surely the role of a leader is not to make personally differentiating polices from other leaders. Maybe when one looks closely it is the male testosterone of beating the chest that rules the tribe.
An example of this is with the rise of China as a economic power. China has grown significantly in the last 10 years. As it prepares to take its place on the centre stage, it would seem that when such an event occurs it is also necessary to have sufficient power to wipe out any one that disagrees with your ideas. China has embarked on a Military program second only to America. Powerful as these countries may be, they still appear as a social mess. China with no recognisable form of democracy and America with not even the basic social system to ensure justice. Unfortunately neither of them seem preoccupied with these problems, much more concerned about who has the biggest tank, army, ship etc.