Now your Advertisement can go to the Desktop

Regular visitors will know we have been excited about Permission Marketing for a while now, particularly the views of Seth Godin. Work Connexions can now extend their Permission-based Marketing services by offering Advertisements syndicated to users’ desktops, web browser or RSS Reader. Keep up to date with what you are looking for by subscribing to a Search. Work Connexions is a firm believer in Permission-based Marketing, and has developed a number of services based around this concept. Permission-based Marketing is the term given to the marketing scheme whereby users actively request or are presented with relevant, highly targeted advertisements. Whether they are the advertisements on the side of your Google search results or via a Work Connexions RSS feed, you can be sure that users are likely to be interested in reading your Advertisement.

A number of Permission-based Marketing schemes are currently in development, and we hope to launch these exciting new features very soon and help you make use of modern Web techniques to sell your services, or get the help you need for your project.

  • For more information on using the Advertisement RSS service, please see this blog entry, which explains all you need to do.