Press to Play Technology of Ease

Technology should be as easy as pushing the button. This is a great secret that I recently discovered. Being technology minded, I run about a 30 GB mp3 music system that gets distributed around the house. I suddenly found myself recently noticing how long it took…… from actually deciding that I wanted to hear some music or watch a film to that actually happening. The time is considerable, but by the time I have switched on the pc and it has loaded iTunes or windows media player at least 5 mins have passed by. Compared this to pre computer days when you put in a cassette and pressed play. Mp3 might be easier to store but are they easier to actually use? (never mind the sound quality)

This press to play magic goes further I know of people that I have brought expensive cars only to return them because when they turned the ignition nothing happened. I guess if you pay a lot of money and nothing happens you are not going to be very happy. Probably about the same feeling as when you push a button and nothing happens. But this same philosophy trickles down to every product on or off the internet. All we would like is to press to play.