Providing Transparency for Customers

Transparency is one of the hit words at the moments. Banks have to do it, we want our government to do it, Relationships would certainly be easier if we knew what the other person was thinking. In fact it would seem that the whole world is getting in on the act and rightly so. We want to know if we are being overcharged for the service or a corporate holiday that is disguised as a business trip. Of course transparency can be manufactured so that the customer only sees what the transparent business would like them to see, but it is hard to fool all the people all the time, As a writing style can reveal a lot about a person/company. It is very easy to get a marketing company to write a marketing blurb that has been researched with tens of thousands of pounds. Much harder but cheaper to get the MD writing a blog. That does depend though on the company. Jonathan Schwartz Sun Microsystems CEO blogs in a very transparent way. Allowing readers to see changes of thought by crossing out words in his blogs. While one would never be able to put that into a sales tender. His blog is one of the most read and influential in blogsphere. Blogs that I would be interested in reading would include Tony Blair in his present job as peace envoy, John Humphreys presenter of The Today program on Radio 4, Any major bank CEO, Putin, to a name a few. Who would you like to see?