Republish and Publishing

One of the great things with online media and publishing is that you can change it at any moment you would like to. You can go back and update it, give it a revamp. If the blog post you wrote a year go seems out of date, go back and change it.

Revamping is not just limited to wanting to update your blog posts. It can be used also when inspiration does not strike as a filler while you are preparing a new blog post.

Here some tips you can look at when updating material: 

  • New perspectives: If the blog post is over a year old. Think about new angles that you can bring to the content.
  • Check your links: Make sure that pages you have linked to are still there.
  • Add internal links: What better way to build traffic. Link and link to your other blog posts.
  • Keywords: As time has passed hopefully your understanding of keywords and meta tags and the relevance it has with search engines has increased. Make sure your blog post is optimally balanced.
  • Blog about your updates: If you have updated an old blog post make sure that you publish it on the front page of your website and let people know through twitter etc. This will probably also mean updating the date.
  • Blog post series: A series is a really good way to keep your visitors coming back. It generates interest and allows you to write about more complex subjects.
  • Past the sale by date: Sometimes a blog post  is not possible to fix and pruning it will not help either. For a number reason you might  feel the material is not relevant. Maybe you have changed your views, maybe the company is no longer selling the product. That is when the time has come to delete that blog post.


That is this byte seize post. Any others you would add?