Sex and Money – Balanced and Focused?

I am sure that I have written about this before but after having conducted one or two searches I cannot find it…Anyway perhaps in state of exhaustion last year I imagined that I had done it. Which brings me around to what this blog post is about, I could have called it “Work and Money” but how interesting would have that have been. Work is not something that is going to grab our attention. Sex and money our primeval forces in the market. Often people that seek money understand the power of sex. Which we all must be aware of. Can cause great off balance and out of focus realities. I want to focus on the other side in this blog post.

Are you Balanced and Focused?

Often new ideas can grip us so that we will become engrossed in the carrying them out. Which is fine as that’s what new ideas is all about. Focusing on your goal is a key ingredient in bringing anything to life. There are also a number of other ingredients.

If one works all the hours that god sends us one will eventually dry up on ideas, and work becomes a core. Which also translates in to the same for anybody having to work with you. To over work is never good. We all want to get ahead and achieve the goals we set. By ignoring everything else, what will be the price we must pay when we achieve it. Will we be able to enjoy it? Fundamentally it is about having you cake and eating it. Very easy to say but much harder to implement.

Planning is also a key ingredient. You may have 2 free hours in the evening but filling those up after having worked all day may not really help yourself at all. There are very few things in life that we have to do. By this I mean if we do not do them would the world stop. The events and things that we want to do, we will always do. The trick is to do them in the most enjoyable way we can.

Hence one good conversation, blog post, client can be hundred times more effective than the reverse of this equation. Being balanced and focused will achieve that. Does that make sense?