Should Google acquire a social net working site?

With rumours flying around that Google has purchased Beboo and coupled with the fact the it has just signed a new deal with Nokia It would appear that it is time for Google to consider buying a social network platform. It lost out last month to Microsoft to get piece of Face book. Who would be the obvious choice. Given that Google is a market leader it would be looking for someone to match its market position. With Face book gone there are quite a few companies left to choose form. Here is my selection with comments

8. MarkTD : This is marketing networking and considering Google is one of the largest marketers on the internet this is an unlikely choice.

7. Newsvine : This network concentrates on news stories, it was launched in March 2006 read, write, and interact with the news. I have put this at number 8 as Google would be unlikely to be interested in Newsvine as it already has its own partners in providing News to it users accounts.
6. Plime : The social network that is groomed by users, it is an interesting concept but they have a lot work to do yet to refine the site and make it more workable.

5. This enormously popular social bookmarking was the first before a whole line imitators. Graphics wise it would work well with Google unfortunately Google does offer its own bookmarking service for RSS feeds so it is an unlikely match here.

4. Reddit : As it explains in its own words is a source for what is new a popular on the internet. It is slightly more graphical then Probably too small for Google.

3. Shoutwire : Is quite similar to digg but not as popular. Yet again it is a question of seize….

2. Proppler : I Like this site, I like the way the software works. It has a lot users. Unfortunately they are owned by Aol who again were bought up by Time Warner so unlikely that they would sell to Google.

1. Digg: Is my choice. It is pretty much accepted as the site with highest amount of traffic and users, so it would be very interesting for Google. They could easily add it into their array of products where it would combine well with Youtube, Gmail, etc Of course I have a personal favourite for them here but I am biased Wxc