Some Useful Google tips, A Currency Converter and Mp3 File Search

If want to see how much your money is worth in another currency instead of searching the internet for a website all you need to do is literally type in what you are looking for as the example below shows. This is a simple but great advancement in web technology.

Type in the Google search box this: 200 dollars in pounds:

Demo link here

Will give you this result:

200 U.S. dollars = 100.877635 British pounds

Rates provided for information only – see disclaimer. More about currency conversion.

I have checked the rates and they are correct which is great for the competition I ran here:

The same will also work for mpg3 files. The search parameters you need are:

“song title here” intitle:index.of mp3 -html -htm -php -asp -txt –pls

You will need to change the song title to the one you are searching.