Spam by any other name…

I came across any interesting post at well written words about spam where a reader left a comment that ultimately had nothing to offer to the site or the readers of the site. This is not your simply increase seize, or earn a million pounds spam. This is one where the reader believes mistakenly he has something to offer.

I came across something similar here on this blog, In the following email I received about this site

Hello Leo,
I came across your blog through Entrecard and I am impressed with the content and design of it. I think you might be interested in promoting through our Affiliate Program. Typically the type of readers for a business oriented blog such as yours are interested in business related products; all businesses great and small have professional printing needs. Located in Dallas, Texas, is centrally positioned and offers a wide breadth of products and excellent quality and turnaround times to businesses and consumers alike.’s affiliate program, hosted through the Commission Junction Network, offers an 18% commission on sales with a 90 day cookie duration. We make seasonal links available as well as blog content for bloggers. Please feel free to contact me for more information and details on how to join our program.

Thank you and have a terrific holiday season,
Trisha Fawver, Affiliate Manager,

The problem I have with this is, why would I want to do it?

What is the business benefit to me?

First I have to install their link or banner costing me time and other advertising. Is there product applicable to my website? Well as it is USA Texas print company, I think not. It might be fine if 80 percent of my readers lived in taxes but this is the first time the word Texas is mentioned on the site.

She then goes on and thinks I might be interested in promoting her business free. What kind numb-skull is she? If she wanted to buy banner space or was offering some kind compensation for the work done than maybe. All I have is all the work and all the risk. Does she really expect that I am going to be interested?


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  1. I am sorry that you saw my email as spam. I was only reaching out as I thought that, given the content you put out, this might be a beneficial offer for you & your readers. PrintPlace ships all over the US; I see now that I did not make that clear.

    So my apologies for the email and any misunderstanding.

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