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The Joys Of Linking

Links make the internet, without a doubt the Internet consist of millions and millions of links. These links form the backbone of the internet and also provide a way for the major search engines to monitor which sites are more important than other ones.

How does this work?

If the main objective of your website/blog is to insure a steady stream of visitors then you are going to have to do some linking.

What are links?

Links are URLs or web addresses like this one www.workconnexions.com That can link a word to a website or the reverse.

How do you get them?

1. A visitor to your website may like what she is reading if they like it enough they may decide to put a link on their website or in a blog post to your website.

2. If you have friends that blog you can ask them to link to your website if they blog in the same topic sphere or consider it to be interesting enough?

3. Another way to generate links it to link to other peoples content they will then be able to see that you have linked and may decide to link back.

What are the best links to have?

The best links to have our from high ranking websites. Google ranks all websites from 1 to 10 with Ten being the highest. The higher the page the more valuable the link is.

Is Commenting on a blog/website Linking?

Yes if you leave a comment on a blog or on a news/web site. What you may have not be aware of is that some sites while allowing commenting, do not allow Google to follow the links. So your comment/link may well have no effect on your site. This is known as no follow. There are a number of applications that can monitor this in your browser.

After a couple months of you will be able to monitor how successful you have been by using this tool. http://www.analyzebacklinks.com/ Happy linking…. check some of my links in the link love section.