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Lawyers the cost of Business

Having been involved in several legal cases to recover sums of money. There are a couple things that are starting to become clear.

Unless the amount you are seeking is a large sum it is almost in all cases not viable to employ a lawyer.

So the only choice left is to represent yourself. Learn the relevant act and hope that providence is on your on side. Or is it?

While the very cheapest lawyers will cost more then £100 are they the only people that can provide this service.

Anyone who has represented themselves in court law will find it is a strange experience. You can have all the best intentions but if you do not have the facts at that moment in time it can cost you severely, especially if it is your first time or not had the chance to prepare.

I wonder if there is market for assistance, At the very least for correct presentation of the facts.

What do you think?

Borrowing Money

Why do politicians think that spending more money is going to save the economy? Does George Bush or any other world leader think that they can remotely buck/control the economy.

If your economy is already broken and by that I mean that is it has stopped making money. Why borrow? The current trend in the world is than to spend more money to solve it.

Let me see if I understand it correctly? 

You do not have any money,

the companies are not making any money but you want to borrow money to supposedly solve it.
I can understand the theory about borrowing money to grow a business, but borrowing money to prop up badly run companies does not sound like a business plan to me. Especially when it is Tax payer’s money. I know which way I will vote.

What would be your advice to the government?

Sex and Money – Balanced and Focused?

I am sure that I have written about this before but after having conducted one or two searches I cannot find it…Anyway perhaps in state of exhaustion last year I imagined that I had done it. Which brings me around to what this blog post is about, I could have called it “Work and Money” but how interesting would have that have been. Work is not something that is going to grab our attention. Sex and money our primeval forces in the market. Often people that seek money understand the power of sex. Which we all must be aware of. Can cause great off balance and out of focus realities. I want to focus on the other side in this blog post.

Are you Balanced and Focused?

Often new ideas can grip us so that we will become engrossed in the carrying them out. Which is fine as that’s what new ideas is all about. Focusing on your goal is a key ingredient in bringing anything to life. There are also a number of other ingredients.

If one works all the hours that god sends us one will eventually dry up on ideas, and work becomes a core. Which also translates in to the same for anybody having to work with you. To over work is never good. We all want to get ahead and achieve the goals we set. By ignoring everything else, what will be the price we must pay when we achieve it. Will we be able to enjoy it? Fundamentally it is about having you cake and eating it. Very easy to say but much harder to implement.

Planning is also a key ingredient. You may have 2 free hours in the evening but filling those up after having worked all day may not really help yourself at all. There are very few things in life that we have to do. By this I mean if we do not do them would the world stop. The events and things that we want to do, we will always do. The trick is to do them in the most enjoyable way we can.

Hence one good conversation, blog post, client can be hundred times more effective than the reverse of this equation. Being balanced and focused will achieve that. Does that make sense?

Novel Ideas for Saving Money

Vegas or BustI was just listening to radio four where the conversation was focusing on loan sharks. Loan sharking has increased significantly in the last six months due to the current economic crisis, as it usual does. I do have a lot sympathy for people who find themselves in difficult times. I was rather impressed by some of the ideas talked about to help people handle their finances better. In fact I think the model can be use by anyone entrepreneurs included.

The ideas that was talked about on the program was that you can loan as much as you can borrow. So if you save 6 pounds a week from now until Christmas you will have saved £150 pounds. This bank/corporation will than lend the some amount to the person over the Christmas period enabling them to cover some of the extra cost Christmas brings.

The theory is if you can encourage responsible saving you can than encouraged responsible lending. Will the Labour goverment do the same with our current debt or go over the 60/40 rule. What do you think?

Would You Like To Spend Less Money On Advertising?

How much do you spend on advertising? How much would you like to spend?

Have you ever considered what may happen if your employees kept either internal or external blogs? Do you think you could generate a whole wealth of material for marketing from the activity that blogging represents?

Not only that but you can also use the comments, with one post you are doing market research, advertising your business, and generating marketing material. (think about the possibilities this suggests) and if that is not enough to lower your advertising costs, consider for a moment what could happen if your company engages in matters that concerns its business, for example: local community events, debates about skilled workers, legislation, online or offline you will generate a profile and a talking point about your company. Try it… it is also worth considering to engage a PR Company to help you along the way.

Lending Money from the Internet Bank

I am aware that it has been around for awhile, but like new developments it can take some time for it to catch on. I have just been spending time on Zopa. What struck me first as slightly hippy-ish, appears to have real community support and backing. In what is now approaching its second full year online. Zopa is a bank that is regulated by the Financial Services. It is a bank with a very different structure offering unique services in the market. Members of Zopa can borrow money from other members. You create an online profile which is checked with your real world credit history. Each person that lends or borrows money can choose from a number of options such as insurance in case the person falls sick, or loses his job.

As with most internet companies they run a blog, slightly unsual for a bank but this is no normal bank. On the blog they post job adverts and other related company and office information. The forums seem to be very well attended with people asking a whole range of questions related to the website and product. As one magazine report describe it.

“A new web-based phenomenon could end up giving the big banks a bloody nose as people look for better ways to borrow. The trend is known as social lending and nearly three-quarters of borrowers who responded to a survey by the Social Futures Observatory said they would consider borrowing or lending this way rather than with their high street bank.”

I confess I think this is quite innovative http://uk.zopa.com