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Finger on The Pulse

Having your finger on the pulse is what separates good ideas from successful ideas. Timing is absolutely everything in life. If you launch an e-mail campaign when everybody is talking about spam, except you, subscribers are not going to be flocking to your list.

Choosing the right sort of events is paramount if you want your company to grow. Sometimes you can be too clever and choose someone when the market is just not ready. Choice is all about getting it just right.

For example I wanted to bring Andy Beal over to the Isle of Man to speak at an IOD event. The concept seemed strong, the Isle of Man encouraging e-commerce, this, in theory could have benefits for everyone as whole. Unfortunately having contacted all the local companies the response was mute. There are a number of possible reasons for this. Perhaps we are not quite developed enough in the e-commerce market to realise such an opportunity. May be the companies are feeling the pinch financially. I do hope in the future that he will come.

On the other side we have had a number of visitors from participants from the Dragons den. The inventor of the reggae sauce Levi Roots, Yo sushi entrepreneur. Of course doing another event in that line could possible be old hat.

So what sort of event would be on the pulse now?

Value of Social Networking in Dollars

Just recently somebody tried to sell there twitter profile on Ebay. Strange as it may seem and almost laughable. He did manage to get $1,125 plus for his profile

Is this real value of his network? It may not be so far wrong. Moving into the 21st century more and more people will be conducting there sales research, people research etc online. If you do not have profile you may well be drawing a blank. People will expect to be able to reference you or check you out online. In the pursuit of sales I imagine that all these companies are going to be using these tools.


Would I employ somebody who is well networked? Sure I would.

The real value in social networking may be only just be starting to be unraveled, while I am not suggesting that we all start selling our profiles. I do think that individuals with well managed net works will be setting themselves up for whole lot more business at sometime in the future. As posted here by Owen, we may be related to every one much closer than we think. By networks in this blog post I am referring to social media sites, whether that is Linkedin, Facebook, community sites or a blog. To name but a few.


What do you think?

Top Networking Sites that your Business should have Presence on?


Professional Networking Sites – In no particular order

This has been an adapated post from here: http://www.relevantlyspeaking.com/2008/2/6/social-media-marketing-essent… Thanks.

1. LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a popular networking site where alumni, business associates, recent graduates and other professionals connect online.

2. Ecademy: Ecademy prides itself on “connecting business people” through its online network, blog and message-board chats, as well as its premier BlackStar membership program, which awards exclusive benefits.

3. Xing: An account with networking site Xing can “open doors to thousands of companies.” Use the professional contact manager to organize your new friends and colleagues, and take advantage of the Business Accelerator application to “find experts at the click of a button, market yourself in a professional context [and] open up new sales channels.”

4. Facebook: Facebook is no longer just for college kids who want to post their party pics. Businesses vie for advertising opportunities, event promotion and more on this social-networking site.

5. Care2: Care2 isn’t just a networking community for professionals: It’s touted as “the global network for organizations and people who Care2 make a difference.” If your business is making efforts to go green, let others know by becoming a presence on this site.

6. Gather: This networking community is made up of members who think. Browse categories concerning books, health, money, news and more to ignite discussions on politics, business and entertainment. This will help your company tap into its target audience and find out what they want.

7. WorkConnexions: Ok I am biased here, but this is a great little site for developing your business sales techniques or wanting to find out more about keeping and interacting with employees online.

8. http://friendfeed.com (http://friendfeed.com/leoc)Friend feed is one of those sites that will be very important in the coming years may be more so than Twitter because of the way it combines all your web activity in a simply effective way.

Social-Media/Social-Bookmarking Sites

(Share your favourite sites on the Web with potential clients and business partners by commenting on, uploading and ranking different newsworthy articles. You can also create a member profile that directs traffic back to your company’s Web site.)

1. Twitter: Use twitter to get the most update information in your areas of interest, or just stay in touch and see what your contacts are doing. Try my profile here http://twitter.com/LeoC

2. Digg: Digg has a huge following online because of its optimum usability. Visitors can submit and browse articles in categories like technology, business, entertainment, sports and more.

3. Del.icio.us: Social bookmark your way to better business with sites like del.icio.us, which invite users to organize and publicize interesting items through tagging and networking.

4. StumbleUpon: You’ll open your online presence up to a whole new audience just by adding the StumbleUpon toolbar to your browser and “channel surf[ing] the Web. You’ll “connect with friends and share your discoveries,” as well as “meet people that have similar interests.”

5. Technorati: If you want to increase your blog’s readership, consider registering it with Technorati, a network of blogs and writers that lists top stories in categories like Business, Entertainment and Technology.

6. Ning: After hanging around the same social networks for a while, you may feel inspired to create your own, where you can bring together clients, vendors, customers and co-workers in a confidential, secure corner of the Web. Ning lets users design free social networks that they can share with anyone.

7. Squidoo: According to Squidoo, “everyone’s an expert on something. Share your knowledge!” Share your industry’s secrets by answering questions and designing a profile page to help other members.

8. Furl: Make Furl “your personal Web file” by bookmarking great sites and sharing them with other users by recommending links, commenting on articles and utilizing other fantastic features.

9. Tubearoo: This video network works like other social-bookmarking sites, except that it focuses on uploaded videos. Businesses can create and upload tutorials, commentaries and interviews with industry insiders to promote their own services.

10. WikiHow: Create a how-to guide or tutorial on wikiHow to share your company’s services with the public for free.

11. YouTube: From the fashion industry to Capitol Hill, everyone has a video floating around on YouTube. Shoot a behind-the-scenes video from your company’s latest commercial or event to give customers and clients an idea of what you do each day.

12. Ma.gnolia: Share your favorite sites with friends, colleagues and clients by organizing your bookmarks with Ma.gnolia. Clients will appreciate both your Internet-savviness and your ability to stay current and organized.

Technorati Profile have you got one?

Currently tracking 112.8 million blogs and over 250 million pieces of tagged social media.

Technorati is the recognized authority on what’s happening on the World Live Web, right now. The Live Web is the dynamic and always-updating portion of the Web. We search, surface, and organize blogs and the other forms of independent, user-generated content (photos, videos, voting, etc.) increasingly referred to as “citizen media.”

But it all started with blogs. A blog, or weblog, is a regularly updated journal published on the web. Some blogs are intended for a small audience; others vie for readership with national newspapers. Blogs are influential, personal, or both, and they reflect as many topics and opinions as there are people writing them.

Blogs are powerful because they allow millions of people to easily publish and share their ideas, and millions more to read and respond. They engage the writer and reader in an open conversation, and are shifting the Internet paradigm as we know it.

On the World Live Web, bloggers frequently link to and comment on other blogs, creating the type of immediate connection one would have in a conversation. Technorati tracks these links, and thus the relative relevance of blogs, photos, videos etc. We rapidly index tens of thousands of updates every hour, and so we monitor these live communities and the conversations they foster.

The World Live Web is incredibly active, and according to Technorati data, there are over 175,000 new blogs (that’s just blogs) every day. Bloggers update their blogs regularly to the tune of over 1.6 million posts per day, or over 18 updates a second.

Technorati. Who’s saying what. Right now.

Join us at our Technorati Profile

MyBlogLog Profiles Going Dynamic

It appears the innovative Mybloglog  has come up with a new concept of not just tracking peoples blogs & websites but also tracking there activity on different web 2.0 platforms like Digg, Proppeller, Last FM, I quite like the idea, not quite sure how it will work in reality, but it will certainly see some activity.

As they tell for themselves: 

“In a couple weeks, we’ll be launching a new feature called New with
Me. This feature will use the URLs on the Services tab of your
MyBlogLog profile to aggregate your latest activity on sites such as
Twitter, Last.fm, Digg, and YouTube. As a result, your profile page
will look different – publicly available updates from the services
you have listed will be merged with your existing information. Your
latest Flickr photos, Last.fm tracks, and YouTube videos, will all be
in one place. Updates from your contacts on MyBlogLog will be merged
and available as well. Simply put, the New with Me feature will
transform your static profile into a dynamic one.”

Here is a list of the web 2.0 accounts that I use feel free to contact me through any of them.


Newsvine : lcusssons

Plime : WconnexionsX

Plugim : WconnexionsX

Reddit : Workconnexions

Digg : Cussons

Proppler : WConnexionsX

Only Wire : WconnexionsX

Shoutwire : WconnexionsX

MarkTD : WconnexionsX

Should Google Acquire A Social Networking Site?

With rumours flying around that Google has purchased Beboo and coupled with the fact the it has just signed a new deal with Nokia It would appear that it is time for Google to consider buying a social network platform. It lost out last month to Microsoft to get piece of Face book. Who would be the obvious choice. Given that Google is a market leader it would be looking for someone to match its market position. With Face book gone there are quite a few companies left to choose form. Here is my selection with comments


8. MarkTD : This is marketing networking and considering Google is one of the largest marketers on the internet this is an unlikely choice.


7. Newsvine : This network concentrates on news stories, it was launched in March 2006 read, write, and interact with the news. I have put this at number 8 as Google would be unlikely to be interested in Newsvine as it already has its own partners in providing News to it users accounts.


6. Plime : The social network that is groomed by users, it is an interesting concept but they have a lot work to do yet to refine the site and make it more workable.


5. del.icio.us: This enormously popular social bookmarking was the first before a whole line imitators. Graphics wise it would work well with Google unfortunately Google does offer its own bookmarking service for RSS feeds so it is an unlikely match here.


4. Reddit : As it explains in its own words is a source for what is new a popular on the internet. It is slightly more graphical then del.icio.us Probably too small for Google.


3. Shoutwire : Is quite similar to digg but not as popular. Yet again it is a question of seize….


2. Proppler : I Like this site, I like the way the software works. It has a lot users. Unfortunately they are owned by Aol who again were bought up by Time Warner so unlikely that they would sell to Google.


1. Digg: Is my choice. It is pretty much accepted as the site with highest amount of traffic and users, so it would be very interesting for Google. They could easily add it into their array of products where it would combine well with Youtube, Gmail, etc


Of course I have a personal favourite for them here but I am biased Wxc