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Top Trick to Increase Page Rank

Owen a colleague of mine , has posted a rather interesting blog post about Page Rank. Where he discusses the latest changes in page rank. His idea is that a large part of the page rank is for Googles own use. I am not convinced myself. I think that is does represent the true importance of websites or at least is Googles attempt to do that. Anyway it is an interesting discussion. Which prompted me to share how I raised my page rank.

So How do you increase page rank?

When I started this site in April of this year under the whooah.biz domain. I had a page rank of 0 it then when to 4 in a couple of weeks, and now it has gone down again. How did I do it so quickly?

Comment, commenting, and comments.

I read and visited lots of other peoples blogs and commented and joined the discussion. Now there is something important to keep in mind here. Commenting on well known sites like Tech Crunch, Marketing Pilgrim is not going to help your page rank. Why? Becuase these sites run a No follow policy. Which basically tells the google search engine not to index your comment or link. If your comments is not indexed than you have no link back to your site hence no gain in page rank.

With that I will say happy commenting. Any queastions ask away.

Work Connexions climbs the page rank table

We have a Google page 4 rank. Which means that if Microsoft has a page rank ranging from 5 to 8 on different parts of their site, We are becoming a preferred stop for internet search engines and users. Understanding the significance of this is quite major. In short if you want to advertise jobs, products, or marketing this is the place to do it. It means that we are getting the traffic…..


Work Connexions Team