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Could your Company be the first to break the Twitter mould and really interact and develop your Business?

What is it that people do these days? If you are to believe the headlines twitter is all the rage. What defines a good twitter profile? What defines a good online profile? Is it the fact that one may have 2000 followers. Is it the fact they have almost twittered over 10,000 tweets. What characteristics would define someone that you follow?

If you’re a famous off-line celebrity say for example Schwarzenegger or Stephen Fry then without much ado it easy to be successful online. An example of this is Oprah Winfrey who set up an online Twitter profile only three days ago and already has over 10,000 followers. This is all probably very predictable.

What about from a personal point of view those of us who work every day and do not suffer from celebrity status. Is there really any benefit to using twitter. I am amazed at just how many companies and people use twitter try to sell me things most of them don’t understand the first thing about permission marketing. Can one really build a relationship in just 140 characters. It is not easy and like any relationship takes time and mutual interest.  To put it in perspective this idea I suggest that you are only as successful on-line as you are offline. Some of my best relationships that I have online also exist in the real world when I go to a restaurant or the cafe. I think that I am just staying in touch. As it is not always possible to see people on a regular basis.

twitter-queastionsWhat about the business development and customer care opportunities. Out of experience I will never follow anyone unless I have a particular interest. Ones that use a company name I will not follow. In my experience the company never offers or interacts in the way an individual would. There is always a feeling that they are protecting or selling something. A company that could break this mould could achieve a significant amount of followers and would have a real story to tell to the media. Plus this would certainly gain a lot of extra free publicity. It is conceivable that a company could employ a group of people just to respond to people’s questions on twitter.

If you are going to stay the distance it is about quality. It is better to have 10 followers that are really interested in what you got to say then 10,000 who are not. An example of this is the Velvet Underground whose first record only sold a couple of hundred copies. Their influence though is felt by just about every major rock band that has ever made music. Although comparatively they are still not that well known.

So in summing up if you are genuine and have a genuine interest  to interact. Then it is possible to build a quality network a word of warning though when I survey the number of people that follow me 90% are not  interested in a two-way conversation and significant less amount are operating highly queastionable/fruadelent activities.

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We haven’t had a honeypost in some time and my bookmarks are just overflowing with interesting snippets for all of you to enjoy. I have so much to choose from that I decided to focus today on

So great links there, especially if you’re into Twitter. If you’re not, well maybe now is the time to sign up and give it a try. If you’re in there, don’t forget to follow me.

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Some Cool Things You Can Do with Twitter

Twitter where you Visit:

Twitter is well established, I do not know the exact stats for its use but I do know that if type in Enschede in Holland a large selection of twitter subscribers appear. For me having lived in quite a few places in the world it nice to be able to hear what is going on in a place that I have lived. More interestingly I have also added people that live in countries where I would like to visit. Japan being top of my list. Funnily enough most the Japanese subscribers tend to want to keep there twitter quiet (no follow) but it is an involving process so we will see what will happen. 

Twitter in the Isle of Man

Twitter, the social networking company based in California, is now using a number sourced in the Isle of Man for it customer services to the UK. Why are they doing this? Because of the Isle of Man tax status. Under the present arrangements they will make more money. This opportunity could exist for a lot companies.

Excerpt from Article: http://uk.techcrunch.com/2007/11/19/twitter-starts-to-limit-outbound-sms-in-uk/

Twitter is using an SMS number sourced in the Isle of Man, rather than in the UK, so they do get some money (1p or 1.5p) per incoming text. However, they still need to pay at least 4 pence outbound, which in technical terms means they are… losing money hand over fist. Note also that the 07624 in Twitter’s number (+44 762 4801423) means it is actually billed as “international” by 3 and T-Mobile, making it a pricey service for those who like to tweet via SMS.

Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?

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