The Family Business, Learning from Family

The skills one learns in family are directly transferable to a lot of situations in life.

In family general speaking we will go the extra mile.

Sometimes we are not exactly sure why we do this. For example we will make unsecured loans, give advice, arrange any number of things. The basis for this is that we have known our family members for a long period time.

While we may trust them or not. We know what to expect. This is built on trust over a long period time and many different situations. If one was to put it simply we know our family better then any one.

What has this do with business? Getting to know your employees, how important is this? Some might say that it is just a Job. X amount of hours per a day, does corretly describe a job. For a successful company they can not offer just jobs.

They have to offer more. Ideally a career or at best a vocation. If one is to do this they will have to understand there employees.

This is a great skill. Understanding your resources, It is management but not in a traditional sense. It is more listen and and then pairing the right work with the right employee. All these skills can be learnt in the standard family model which is way running a department is so much more then just allocating work or pieces of paper.

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