The Isle of Man no longer smoking.

This is an interesting subjects for a number of reasons. The current trend of recent years to ban smoking from public places has been very successful. There are people that are very proude about this. I take a very different view, One has to ask themselves who it is that benefits from this. There was an example of a smoke free pub here on the IOM. Which bravely decided to make this change, the effects were quite dramatic almost overnight the pub become deserted. Who is it that benefits from smoke free pubs? While there is obviously the people that do not smoke. Considering that they are minority of regular drinkers, why is that pubs have not gone smoke free of their own self will. Simply it is money as it is the pursuit of money that also making them smoke free. The main benefactors from this smoke free environment (in this bloggers opinion) is lawyers and insurance companies.  Insurance companies benefit from the lower risk. It is sad and more important takes away the rights of people. It starts with this but before too long you will not be able to smoke within 70 meters of a public place.(as in canada)  If I ran an ale business and  I knew that 70 percent of my clients are smokers than I would not ban smoking. I am no longer allowed to make this choice. (we have to moddle cuddle every person.) I do believe that the more rules you have the more stupid you make people. This could be the Isle of Man’s great benefit that we think for ourselves and I hope that we do.


(Just for the record, I am a non smoker)