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The Startup Review  Sponsored by Sun Startup Essentials  I just came across this at Mashabel, the boys their have been busy sending me emails. I signed up about three or four months ago and have been visiting the site recently. they are obviously working hard on creating a  community. I am still not sure what it is exactly. For example a couple of the people I have been in touch with seemed interested in dating.  Anyway what I did notice is that they are promoting a reviewing services a bit like Techcrunch. It looks promising here are some of the details below. A 100 word description should be do-able.

* Must be less than 1 year old
* Must never have received coverage on before
* Must have something to showcase to our readers (active site/product)

To be considered, please submit the following to our editorial staff at: startup [at] mashable [dot] com:

* Company Name
* Company Logo
* Company Website
* Company Location
* 20 word description
* CEO’s 100 word description

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