Twitter Updates for 2008-04-19

  • Goodmorning all on this Saturday #
  • @problogger blogging market to burst, No, mainly because it has still not hit main stream yet, What is web 2.0? people still ask #
  • New post: Effective And Ineffective Recruiters ( #
  • @OwenC bugger me too Joshua missed it as well Doctor Who that is #
  • New post: An Easy Way to Eliminate Almost All of Your Junk Email ( #
  • New post: Your Personal Computer Expert ( #
  • New post: The Future is bright – The future is e-business! ( #
  • New post: Golf Clubs ( #
  • Oh my god the new site even post adverts as twitter chats :-) #
  • @TechCrunch That is a brilliant gimmick to kick start a campaign, could be very risky too if it fails. #
  • @shoemoney People would eventually switch, the second list would definitely be a more concise list, people sign up to things everyday. #

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