Twitter Updates for 2008-06-19

  • Cranking the motor hard this morning, Time to rock. #
  • @tattooedmama very nice. #
  • Ok how about 200 dollars for you best blog post and whole lot of traffic: #
  • How many of these businesses do you know from the top fortune small 100 companies: #
  • New post: Do You Know What Facebook Could Mean to Your Business? ( #
  • New post: ‘Photo’ protest ( #
  • @sherrilynne Yup right on the money it is good to see linkedin making money a trick facebook still has to achieve. #
  • Just been hit by an old idea and now is good time to implement it. #
  • @liors Yup your are so right. It is a shame about the title as the blog is quite good. #
  • New post: Tailor Wanted in South of Island ( #
  • Just booked a flight trip for my son to go to Holland, he will almost be twelve soon than he can fly alone. #
  • Booking tickets for Shakespeare one of my favourite things. #
  • What is corparation Tax #
  • God I am totaly wiped out tonight… #

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