We have several new features

We have several features that are not being used to their full potential on www.workconnexions.com. As a user you can build up a work profile about the sort of work you have done and also include your experience. At Work Connexions we look at people as a whole, not just their academic skills but also their social, emotional, spiritual aspects. All users have access to this information, which will increase your chance of you getting the work you desire.


Other ways to show your expertise in a field and increase your profile is to write about what you know, we offer a number features here, such as rich text, images, tags, high internet presence, blog design, and so forth.

Tags – if you do write a blog it is important to use our tag system that way popular posts can still be found in the blogging section.

Our Blogging Advantage scheme is being updated, expect a full announcement this week.You can be certain we will be rewarding quality content posts.


Whatever your skill we offer free classified advertisements for you. So post your classified whether it is mountain biking, running or sewing.