We have to move to Business 3.0

Go green get rich a new socially and environmentally sustainable set of economic and business models.

According to John Ellkington a good director brings that rare ability to per over the  horizon and see what’s incoming.  While big companies such as Marks and Spencer have committed to the green agenda, is this just purely marketing. No, It about being able to  do business in the future. Climate change threatens our economic  balance like no other including the internet and china. It is quite simple, it is about insuring that you have customers. No one is exactly sure what to expect from climate change. Here on the Isle of Man it has been predicted that we could see a return to the ice age. If the warm sea currents that give us our temperate climate were to stop. Would it be so attractive for  businesses to locate somewhere., where they would probably have to go to work dressed as a eskimo bear, if they could get to work.