3.0 Management

Wcx has done many diverse projects. Including the supervision of off-line/on-line conversations about your company/profile under your copyright or website.

Instead of using printed media or third party networking sites. Have that conversation on you own terms on your own domain. Making the use of and business networks through the use of internet technology we can offer or recommended a solution.

whether your first question is, what is web 2.0? or you are running your own network we can help you capitalise on you investment. By providing consultancy we can help you create a plan to bring your company onto the interactive web. We understand blogging, and social networks and the technology that drives them. If you are looking to build a community or a simply twitter profile. We can help you harness the tools that will truly give you a manageable online profile. Adding calculable value to your company’s bottom line without the risk.



Work Connexions is here to work with you to put you on the internet, whether it’s your blog, small business website or a community message board.

We Can Do That.

Whether you need a WordPress design simulating the inside of a space shuttle, or a “traditionally simple” design for your family business, we’ve got it covered.

• Blog Hosting
• Blog Designs
• Domain Registration Services
• MovableType Blog Designs
• Host Transfers
• Blog Installation and Setup
• Code Clean Up and Repair
• Plugin & Script Installation & Set Up
• Advertising Banners • RSS Feed Set Up
• BlogAds and Blog Monetizing
• Forum Set Up

Wcx also specializes in community projects. Who says you can’t put a small town news-letter on a blogging platform to add community input? Why not launch a campaign on the internet for a pressing local issue, or a world-wide problem? We can do just this, from newsletters to complete online archives,

Please note that these are starting prices; actual quotes may be lower or higher depending on the client’s needs:

Prices start at £700 for a custom blog/site design

Contact us through the following ways below

Telephone +44 1212 889051
Text +44 7624 406750
Fax +44 8700 635134
E-Mail info at workconnexions dot com

We are also on Skype, and Linkedin.