When is Free not Free

A recent advertising campaign by Manx Telecom claims that you get 3000 text messages free or 6000 text messages free depending on which account you sign up to.

Or do you?

Apparently not according to the text below from their website.

* Free Texts http://tinyurl.com/653pxw

Free texts only apply when purchasing top-ups online or via 154. Free texts only apply when sending to other Manx Telecom mobiles. When available, they will be used first at anytime. If no free texts are available in an account normal text messaging charges will apply. Free texts cannot be used whilst roaming, normal roaming charges apply.

If you are going to give something than give it.

If not that do not say it is free.


Because you will build up expectation and than cause disappointment.

Ultimately damaging your business.

3 thoughts on “When is Free not Free”

  1. I would be very surprised if they do, As far as I know they are not monitoring this kind stuff. A bit like David and Goliath. Although I am pretty sure they do not think so.

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