When Something is too Good it is a Pain

Today I received from my bank my new password to access my account. Actually in order to read this password, I had to get a coin and scratch the letter to reveal the code, Then I had to put the scratched part on a white background. Hey bingo I could read my security code.

In this day and age it seem we have become totally security conscious without any idea of what we are doing, we just do as we are told. In England the major headline a while back has been a story about how two computer disk that were lost by the Inland Revenue. Everybody was screaming blue murder and presumable it is now the end of world. Every person’s name who is on the disk should have had their ID robbed and some hideous crime committed in their name, yet, six weeks later this has not happen? Why is that? Presumable the data really has got lost.

We have tended to develop a way of thinking that we can hold everybody accountable for everything that happens in our lives. The simple matter of the truth is that most of our civil service organisations are slow, and inefficient, they always have been. The fact that we think we have made them accountable, is pure blindness on our part. What makes each organisation distinct will always remain. You can now choose who you would prefer to use for most parts of your business, except for government. Making government accountable outside the democratic vote is just costing taxpayers millions of pounds with no tangible results. If someone is proven to be incompetent in his or her particular job should they be allowed to remain in their position ?

Should we really allow the general public to sue public body organisations when in reality the very individuals that are suing are not making the public bodies more accountable but costing the tax payer more money?

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