Why do people climb Mountains?

What is in a challenge how does it benefit myself.

In my varied experience of life it has come to my attention how you could possible divide people into two catorgies. this has no benefit for me but it does demonstrate a very interesting point. What makes one person want to fly 2000 miles to climb a mountain in kenya, or another to give up all there possessions and go and live a monks life. We are of course challenged. everyone is challenged from the day they are born to there last dying breath. I can remember a time thinking how do I stop getting challenged. It seemed to me that less you were challenged the more peaceful existence one can lead. This is nonsense not only is it not possible, but it incredible boring which leads to whole host of less favourable situations .

No we are born to be challenged in some way or the other and the quicker we rise up to it the more prepared will be. It is going to happen anyway so one might as well get something out of it.