Work Disability

There is an interesting article about Work Disability called Dutch disease, in a article written here;

A summary of it’s causes could be describe in the following two lines:

Currently a million people are in the WAO system with a third of the claimants off with “psychological” problems. Depression, anxiety, stress — the generic Dutch term “overspannen” covers the lot.

It is very complicated problem. In my opinion people do it because the state makes allowances and allows them too. On the other hand (this is a very long discussion) there is sort intolerance for people because they are told they have to be tolerant and everything is supposedly fair on paper in Holland. What ends up happening is that they become so reliant on the state that the state has to tell them when to be happy. Now of course the last sentence is not true. Why do Dutch work so hard? (and they do the rest of the population) May also hold key to the problem. In Holland they have high tax and one class society so they not really going to get mega rich. I personal think they are escaping from some complex for some thing in their history, but not being Dutch historian the trail runs dries. I would love to hear other peoples comments on this one.