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Internet TV Now this is Choice

It does not surprise me that ITunes is becoming so popular, but not for music instead it is being used by high school students in America for TV:  article here.

I must admit that if I think about I get almost all my TV media from the internet.

The BBC provides an excellent service as does channel four. Then there all the RSS feeds that provide enough content in reading, video, and sound. In fact the audio feeds from Mike Southon are very interesting for sales training.

Nearer to home we have a our own Local Long Tale TV who are really showing us the future http://www.longtaletv.com along with several American startups.

Are you Going to be Watching the Election on the Internet?

I just came across this on the Tech Crunch blog, It was predicted and now it is happening. Instead of watching the elections on TV or reading it in the Newspapers. A lot of Americans will be getting their election news through blogs in Particular Ustream.TV.

Excerpt from blog:

“For those of you without C-SPAN, the Republican National Convention will be streamed live over the Web, and Ustream.TV has been chosen to be the official provider of live video streaming technology. (No doubt, other live streaming services such as Justin.TV,, Blog.tv, or Mogulus will be used by journalists and bloggers covering the event as well). The announcement is being made right now on Ustream.TV

Content is Timeless

As with the last couple weeks I have been blogging about why communities and online social media groups are going to grow significantly more and will change all forms of media in the next 18 months. Is this really interesting? Well the change could be, as advertisers are going to have so much choice to reach their target market that marketing departments are going to be expanding and working overtime to understand and use this technology.

There is nothing essentially new in blogging, in the old days you had magazines and papers where people submitted or where commissioned to write news pieces about relevant issues. The readers than replied to that by sending in a letter to say what they thought about any relevant topic. After about a month that whole particular topic would pass and the readers would move on to discuss a new hot issue. In the online media if you can write one good article in theory that article can be discussed for 6 months, a year, two years. So from one piece of advertising/writing you can get so much more advertising milege. As the article sits on the internet it can become internet real estate growing in value over the months as traffic comes to the site and comments increase. If you are going to say something on the internet, it is good to remember that although it may be a fast form of communication, your writing contribution will be there possibly for a long time.

I could write about the new year now as I am typing this on the last day of year but that would limit its market. So to gain the maximum affect, It is good to take the long term view. Whoever would have thought that about online media?